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Our Story & What We Do....

 The nominal $35.00 fee helps the Board ...


Pay for the 18 community-leased street lights throughout the neighborhood to promote safety.


Provides and maintains the attractive landscaping at both entrances to our neighborhood.


Pay for the landscape lighting at both entrance to keep our community attractive. 


Plan and conduct regular community-building events such as Spring Clean-up and Cook out, Homeowners Meeting, July 4th Parade, Fall Chili Cook-off, Game Night, and Christmas Party

Coordinate with the Montgomery County Commissioners, Sheriff's Department, Duke Energy, fire and water department and a variety of others entities in matters dealing with property owner's rights, problems and or responsibilities.


Publish a quarterly newsletter, send periodic emails, maintain our website and update the Message Board at both entrances to help keep all homeowners informed.


Publish and distribute a Membership Directory to help everyone get to know their neighbors a little easier.


Strive to keep all roadsides free of trash via our Adopt-A-Highway Program for Springwood Dr., Fairway Shores Road, all side roads and Lilly's Bridge Rd. between Springwood and Fairway Shores Roads.  


Maintain a Neighborhood/Community Watch Program where, with the help of our Membership Directory, we can all help watch-out for one another, especially for our non- full time residents.

Coordinate with the Montgomery County Water Department to upgrade the size of the water mains within the development to improve homeowner water pressure.  







 The Fairway Shores Homeowners Association (FSHOA) is headed by an elected Board of homeowner-volunteers whose objective is to preserve the attractiveness of our beautiful development and recreational area, promote policies that encourage  safety, provide  opportunities for social interactions and to represent property owners to governmental agencies and lake management. 






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Photo by: Deb Russell Photo Graphic Link Here

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