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Fairway Shores Community Market Place...

Webmaster e-mail Address:

This page of the FSHOA is to help members sell or purchase items here at the lake.  Items include boats, PWCs, furniture, bicycles, etc.  This page is for individual Association members and not for commercial use.  The Association wants to make this as easy as possible.  If you have suggestions for the site, please e-mail your idea(s) to the Webmaster.
If you wish to post your item(s) to the Community Market Place, please e-mail the following information to the webmaster with the subject line of “Item to Sell.”
       Description of the item-include size, brand name, color, etc.
       Pricing - sale price best offer, negotiable, etc.
       Photograph - PDF
       Your contact information-e-mail or phone number
After receiving the above information about your item(s) it will, without your contact information, be placed on the site.   When interest is shown in a particular item, contact information, via e-mail, will be forwarded to the seller.  It will then be the responsibility of the seller to contact the possible buyer directly.   
When an item is sold, please contact the Webmaster in order for the item to be removed from the site.  In an effort to keep the page fresh, any item which does not sell within three months will be removed from the site.  If the seller would like to repost a removed item it may be resubmitted in one month.
To purchase item(s) posted on the page, send an e-mail with the subject line “Purchase Item” to the Webmaster. Include a description of the item to be purchased in the body of the e-mail. Your contact information will be forwarded to the seller.
To search for an unposted item, e-mail a word description of the item only (no photo or pricing) to the Webmaster with “Item Wanted” in the subject line.


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